Puppy Love

When God says, “Ha!”

So yeah … the last post was written with the best of intentions. I had plans. I was going to write more often. I was going to set up posts in advance.

And God said, “Ha!”

Late on the night of July 3, my baby Ellie (on the right above) started to limp a little. I thought she’d just been playing hard with her sister, so let it go and planned to keep an eye on it. The next morning, she could barely stand and was dragging her hind leg behind her with the toes curled under. We scooped her up (no easy feat since she’s 65 lbs.) and took her straight to the emergency vet. Four and a half hours later, after exam and x-rays, we had no answers but a prescription for pain medication and a caution to keep an eye on her in case a visit to the veterinary neurologist (2 hours away) might be necessary. We went home, gave her medicine and watched. That evening, she was completely paralyzed except for her head and tail. Back to the vet ER we went. 5 hours later, they still had no idea what’s going on, but we should drive now, at 3 am, to the neurologist, so we could be there when they opened.

Meanwhile, my man and middle boys were off at Boy Scout Camp for the week and were wrestling with whether they should come home early to see the dog. We all wondered if she’d survive a 2-hour car trip.   And, by this point, I hadn’t slept in almost 24 hours and get road fatigue pretty easily on a good day. I decided that killing us all in a fiery crash wouldn’t be good for her or us, so we continued with the watch and wait policy and try to sleep a little bit so I could drive later.

I’ve posted about this on Facebook, asking for prayers, good vibes, and distance Reiki for the puppy. I say puppy because I call all dogs puppy, but she’s actually only 3 and a half…so not old, but an adult. My sister, who is a crazy cat lady in the best sense of the term, recommended taking her to her vet, who is, by all accounts a miracle worker. So we did that too. She got acupuncture. And then, when her dad got home, we headed to Richmond to see the neuro doc. We drove up the night before and stayed in a hotel so we could be there when they opened. Dogwood Veterinary Hospital, if you ever need a vet in Richmond. The staff is amazing. They worked her in despite a full schedule and she got an MRI and even more lab work.

They tell us that she has swelling inside her spinal column in her neck, but still don’t know why. Have to wait 10 – 14 days for lab results.

Meanwhile, she is completely immobile… and incontinent… and frequently inconsolable. She’s bored and she’s lonely if no one is sitting with her, and of course, she’s scared too.

So we take turns sleeping on the floor with her at night and staying home with her in the daytime. And we wait …

Labs are negative and we still have no idea what’s going on. She’s shown some, very slight, improvement. But there’s no end in sight.

So to be honest, I completely forgot about the blooming blog. I hadn’t been doing it long enough for it to be a habit yet, and I just totally spaced it while all my brain power has been focused on my puppy-baby.

So if you’re so inclined, please say a prayer for Ellie. I believe she wants to stay with us and as we’ve seen some improvement, I’m hoping it’s still possible for her to recover. I’m not giving up on her.

I can’t promise to update more regularly at the moment. Can’t promise to get to the fiction. But I’ll try … eventually.




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