Home life, Puppy Love

A boy and his dog…

During the worst of her illness, she didn’t like to be left alone so we all took turns sleeping on the floor with her at night. Although she didn’t let us sleep much, she whined and yelped when things got too quiet.

She has made some progress since July. The neurologist vet tells us one of her front legs will never recover. But she’s not paralyzed anymore – except that leg- and she is scooting about the house and learning to hop around on 3 legs. Just this week we made huge progress when she finally stopped peeing wherever she happened to be when the urge struck.  That has been a major milestone!  She still isn’t really asking to go out, but she can get out easier so we make sure to take her out every few hours.

And the kids have started back to school…so life is returning to a sense of normalcy. Finally!  Hopefully, I can now clear my brain enough to get back to work on this blog.  Tomorrow is Friday and I even have the day off, so I’ll try to get some fiction uploaded in between my unending loads of laundry.

So if you’ve stuck around this long, thanks for hanging in there. I promise to be more active and more interesting – or at least I’ll try!

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