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Updating …

I am so tired. I am currently under an autoimmune fog, lots of aches and pains and exhaustion. I would love to be home in bed and snoring heavily right now, but alas, a mom of 5 with a full-time + job just doesn’t have that luxury. One day I’ll win the lottery and be able to rest when I need to – but since that hasn’t happened yet, I battle on.

I know I’ve been negligent with the blog. Hell, I have frankly forgotten all about it for weeks (or months) at a time. I apologize profusely to those few of you who have seen fit to follow it. I want to do better, but it seems that life conspires against me.

Still, I shall try.

Doggie update – for those of you following the chronicles of Ellie, the paralyzed pooch:

She has regained use of 3 legs. One front leg is still completely paralyzed but she uses it as a kind of kickstand. She gets around some, though I wouldn’t say well.  Her hind legs sometimes criss-cross, almost like the wiring has gotten mixed up somehow. Some days are better than others. The biggest thing to deal with now is that she still doesn’t seem to have complete control over her potty habits. Sometimes she can ask to go out and wait to get there, other times she goes wherever and whenever. We can’t seem to get doggie diapers to stay on her at all, so this is a really un-fun condition. And the docs see no hope for improvement – ever.

Meanwhile, work is super busy. We have new software that we’re still getting to know (and discovering many bugs in) and one of my team members has just cut her hours and pulled back from a huge unending project that will likely fall on my desk. I already know I have to work all weekend despite feeling quite desperate for a day off.

Aside from work, I’m currently signed up for about 15 online classes. (I probably said YES a few too many times!) One of which is a master class with the amazing Shonda Rhimes, who you know I love.  Another of which is a (rather expensive) training on an Akashic Records reading technique called “Soul Realignment.” It’s pretty interesting stuff – though I can’t say I agree with everything the instructor says.

I’ve also started painting. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never made the time for. And I’m working on a new line of jewelry as well – which you’ll find links to here as soon as it’s ready.  So at least I haven’t been idle when I’ve been away.

Oh, and I have an idea for a new fiction story … not sure when I’ll get the time to write it, but I’ll try to post a snippet of something that’s already done tomorrow so I can get back on track with Fiction Fridays.

leaving you in light –

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