Be a lamp…

Another quote I love.

It’s not easy. There are days that I feel I’m barely flipping my own switch, much less capable of being of assistance to anyone else. But I’m finding that those are the days when being even mildly helpful can raise me up. A kind word or a compliment given to a stranger can turn into a conversation that energizes and inspires. Even just a true smile in response can lighten my heart.

It is so easy to fall into myself and “hunker down,” waiting until I feel better to contribute to the world. I have to remember that contributing to the world makes me feel better! I have to say YES to making the effort, even when (or especially when) I don’t feel like it.

Oh hell, it’s like working out, isn’t it? I’m too tired to work out. But if I did it, I’d have more energy and feel better. Damn. Wish I hadn’t thought of that analogy.

Hmm… off on a tangent here but I need something to type when I’m kidding that isn’t LOL. I feel like I’m too old for LOL and probably too old for emojis too. And also, LOL is not always accurate. I’m not “Laughing out Loud” at every sarcastic comment I make. If I was, that would make me a douchebag who laughs at all their own jokes. But in text, it is sometimes difficult to convey that I’m only joking. (j/k) seems douchbaggy too somehow.

How about an abbreviation or a symbol that could let you know when I’m being sarcastic or joking?  Let’s use this one § which can stand for “so not serious.” I’ll add that to the FAQ’s when I’m done here.

In the meantime, I’ll pull myself together and try to brighten someone’s day today!  Hope you can do the same, dear reader.

In light …


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