Yes to West Wing Weekly!

Yes to spontaneity!

I have, in the past, had a hard time taking advantage of spontaneous opportunities. I tend toward the “Oh no, I couldn’t just…” response. I’ve never regretted it when I’ve had the courage to jump, but it’s against my inner nature to do so.  So as my yes this week, I jumped.

My husband is a huge fan of The West Wing television show. As such, he is also a big fan of the West Wing Weekly podcast hosted by Josh Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway. So when I had the opportunity to score front row seats to see a (sold-out) live taping of the podcast in nearby Washington, DC. I jumped at it, thereby securing my title as “best wife ever.”

If you’ve never watched The West Wing, you should definitely catch it on Netflix. It’s an extremely well-written and well-acted show.  Because of my beloved’s fandom, I have seen every episode at least a half-dozen times and yet still manage to enjoy them despite not sharing his obsession. I’ve only heard a couple episodes of the podcast so far, but what I’ve heard of that has been pretty entertaining too.

So we headed off for a spontaneous trip to DC!  We strolled around the city a bit, taking tourist photos until my love of books overcame my disgust with the current American government and we stopped in to see the Library of Congress. After spending some time there checking out the cool displays, amazing architecture and stunning mosaic, it was time for a late lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl, a DC institution since 1958. After our late lunch/early dinner, we were still a bit early for the theatre, but it was just next door so we waited outside with some lovely folks who were, I’m quite sure, the inspiration for the West Wing episode where Josh discovers the website dedicated to him. See a fun clip here Josh Discovers the Internet.

Speaking of Josh (the character, not the actor) did you know that Bradley Whitford can do this?! Is it just me or does that look painful??


We even got to (sort of) hear from Allison Janney when she happened to call her friend and former castmate, Melissa Fitzgerald, while she was on stage. You can hear it all for yourselves when they post the episode at West Wing Weekly.


After the show, we were lucky enough to meet the cast members in attendance!  The photo above features Bradley Whitford and the so-very-sweet Melissa Fitzgerald. Brad is in season 2 of the award-winning show, The Handmaid’s Tale with Elizabeth Moss (also from West Wing) on Hulu. Melissa has moved from acting in politics to truly being involved in political change. She’s working to help those with addiction issues as the senior director of Justice for Vets and Advancing Justice.  Her work is an integral part of addressing the epidemic of drug addiction in this country.

And here’s Josh Malina who was ambushed by my star-struck husband coming out of the men’s room.


In short, we had a fabulous time and met such nice people. My record of no regrets stands.


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