Amazing Books

I’m a reader. I read voraciously and it’s not uncommon for me to be reading 3 or more books at a time.

Fiction, for fun, usually has some element of “extra” to it – a paranormal angle or characters with evolved abilities of some kind. I read a lot of fiction. It’s my favorite escape.

I prefer non-fiction that is enlightening, but also, preferably, fun to read. Shonda and Pam below, for example, both convey their sense of humor in their writing and that makes the lessons in their work fun to learn.

Audiobooks can be great. They allow me to “read” on my daily commute, which gives me hours more reading time! Of course, the narration can make or break an audiobook. Shonda does her own narration for Year of Yes and it feels like you’re riding to work with your best friend telling you about her day. The narrator for the All Souls Trilogy, Jennifer Ikeda, does an amazing job voicing different characters and accents.  Her performance really enhanced the story.

Below you’ll find some of my favorites and new discoveries. Please let me know if you enjoy them too!

I am a huge fan of

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A Classic!

Great audiobook!

This book is not just for men, it’s for anyone who’s experienced trauma (of any kind) in their lives. The author is an inspiration.


Great audible!
I loved the audible – narrated by Claire Danes.