FAQ’s and Basics about the blog

There are a few things that I wanted to state in one place for clarification purposes. I’m sure this list will grow as we go along but this will get us started.

  1. God. I use the term “God” as it is the easiest and most convenient word to describe something/someone beyond description. Please feel free to substitute whatever term for the Divine that you are most comfortable with Goddess, Allah, Galactic Council of Light, Flying Spaghetti Monster, whatever.
  2. YES. This is directly from The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.  This book made an impact on me and I tell everyone they should read it – or better yet, listen to it. The audiobook is like having Shonda in your car telling you about her days. It’s funny, entertaining, enlightening, and inspiring. So far, I’ve been putting my “yes’s” in quotes, but that’s already getting old so I’ll probably just abandon that and leave you to figure it out.
  3. Copyright. All text on these pages is copyright protected. It is owned by me but may be shared as long as appropriate credit and source are documented. Thanks for understanding and respecting that. It feels narcissistic to even say that. Who am I to think that someone will find what I write even worthy of stealing?  But it stands nonetheless, just in case.
  4. § – This stands for “so not serious.” It’s my way of letting you know I’m just kidding or being sarcastic since those things are sometimes hard to convey in text alone.